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F. Hlawatsch, F. Auger (ed.):
"Time-Frequency Analysis: Concepts and Methods";
ISTE and Wiley, London (UK), 2008, ISBN: 9781848210332; 440 pages.

English abstract:
Time-frequency analysis brings together some rather diverse concepts and tools with the aim of reconciling the temporal analysis and spectral analysis of signals in a single joint representation. This is an appropriate framework for the analysis and processing of various types of non-stationary signals, such as those of physiological origin, radar and sonar signals, acoustic signals, astrophysical data, etc. The book provides an integrated discussion of the principles and methods that make this domain an everyday reality in industry and research.
Covering a period of about 25 years, during which this topic has undergone significant developments, this book is principally addressed to researchers and engineers interested in non-stationary signal analysis and processing. The book is written by recognized experts in the field. The first part presents fundamental ideas and tools, while the second part deals with more recent developments and applications.
MORE INFORMATION: http://www.iste.co.uk/index.php?p=a&ACTION=View&id=62

time-frequency analysis, signal processing, time-varying, random processes, filter banks, signal analysis

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