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R. Thullner, A. Schatten, J. Schiefer:
"Implementing Enterprise Integration Patterns Using Open Source Frameworks";
Talk: 3rd IFIP TC 2 Central and East Europe Conference on Software Engineering (CEE-SET 2008), Brno; 2008-10-13 - 2008-10-15; in: "Software Engineering Techniques in Progress", (2008), ISBN: 978-83-7493-421-3; 111 - 124.

English abstract:
Enterprise Application Integration is needed in many organisations to improve the functionality of their IT systems and offer new business functions to end-users without implementing and deploying new applications. With growing complexity of the IT infrastructure and the pressure to bring new features in ever shorter time, application integration became a challenging task.
One approach for integration is to exchange messages between participating applications. Patterns have been described which express best-practices of enabling message-based integration. The patterns are known under the term enterprise integration patterns.
As Open Source middleware becomes more and more important as stable and flexible infrastructure components in enterprise IT, this paper discusses the support for architects of enterprise integration patterns by Open Source frameworks, focussing on Apache Camel and Mule.

Patterns, Enterprise Integration, Software Engineering

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