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C. Novak, G. Matz, F. Hlawatsch:
"Factor graph based receiver design for MIMO-IDMA communications";
Talk: ITG-Fachgruppensitzung "Algorithmen für die Signalverarbeitung", TU Wien; 10-03-2008.

English abstract:
Interleave-division multiple access (IDMA) has recently been proposed as an alternative to CDMA. IDMA employs user-specific interleavers combined with low-rate channel coding for user separation. This talk presents a systematic design of MIMO-IDMA receivers that is based on factor graphs and the sum-product algorithm. Gaussian approximations for certain messages propagated through the factor graph are used to develop an iterative (turbo-like) soft multiuser detector whose complexity scales only linearly with the number of users. A selective message updating scheme yields a further reduction of complexity. We finally demonstrate that performance gains can be achieved by a factor graph receiver performing joint data detection and channel estimation.

Interleave-division multiple access, IDMA, multi-user communications, factor graph, sum-product algorithm, multi-user detection, channel estimation, turbo receiver

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