L. Fröschl, R. Pierrard, W. Schönbäck:
"Cost-efficient choice of measures in agriculture to reduce the nitrogen load flowing from the Danube River into the Black Sea";
Ecological Economics, 68 (2008), S. 96 - 105.

Kurzfassung englisch:
elected measures in agricultural production are presented which reduce the national nitrogen soil surface balances and the nitrogen loads in the waters of Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania entering the Danubue River... The measures are appraised empirically by calculating the ratio between their costs to the farmers and their effects on the respective soil surface balances and the nutrient load of the water entering the Black Sea. The ratios are used to rank the measures accordingly, either separately for each country, or jointly. The water quality of the Black Sea would be improved to an extent not studied here.

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