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G. Wandl, F. Klager, N. Kreuzinger, K. Ruzicka, O. Gabriel, B. Nikolavcic:
"The Importance of Vienna's Wastewater Management for the Water Quality of the River Danube";
Vortrag: IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition, Vienna 2008, Wien; 07.09.2008 - 12.09.2008; in: "CD Proceedings", (2008), Paper-Nr. 668531, 8 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
To improve the water quality of Vienna s water bodies and the Danube downstream
of Vienna the city council initialised the ambitious project wastewater treatment and water
protection for Vienna
in 1996. This one-billion-Euro-project includes the extension of the
sewer-system and the implementation of a sewer control system to minimize the impact of the
combined sewer overflows as well as the extension of the Main Wastewater Treatment Plant
to a treatment capacity of four million population equivalents and to biological nutrient
removal. Additionally a structural improvement of one of the major water bodies of the city, the
Liesing - river, was carried out within the overall project.
This paper presents Vienna s sustainable wastewater management including an overview on
the sewer system, a description and current operation results of the Main Wastewater
Treatment plant of Vienna and the impact of the undertaken measures on the Water Quality of
the rivers in the city and the Danube downstream of Vienna.

Danube, Main Wastewater Treatment Plant of Vienna, Nitrogen Removal, River

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