Publications in Scientific Journals:

I. Gebeshuber:
"Engineering at the interface revisited";
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part C - Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, 223 (C1) (2009), JMES 50th Anniversary Issue; 65 - 101.

English abstract:
Three publications from Part C which strongly influenced the development of the field
of lubrication in human joints are revisited and their impact on the field is outlined. Furthermore,
the impact of the Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science on the field of lubrication and wear
in living and artificial human joints is analysed.
`Analysis of "boosted lubrication" in human joints´ by Duncan Dowson, Anthony Unsworth,
and Verna Wright appeared in 1970, `The lubrication of porous elastic solids with reference to the
functioning of human joints´ by Gordon R. Higginson and Roger Norman was published in 1974,
and `Engineering at the interface´ by Duncan Dowson addressed the audience in 1992.

lubrication, biotribology, human joints, key publications

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