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A Hruska:
"Optimizing active learning support for blended learning courses using activity reporting tools";
Vortrag: MIC 2008 International Moodle Conference, Rom; 21.10.2008 - 22.10.2008; in: "MIC 2008 - http://www.moodlemoot.it/course/view.php?id=2", (2008).

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Optimizing active learning support for blended learning courses using activity reporting tools

Effective online learning and collaboration processes require spezial didactical, organizational and technical skills from teachers and students. Active learning support is a method to create and maintain a productive online learning environment over an extended time period.

In face2face learning scenarios teachers get immediate response from the student group on how much support input is needed at a specific point in time. In online learning scenarios it is harder to find the "right amount" of active learning support.

The activity reporting tool provides easy to use information in a visual way on the activity level of students and teachers in Moodle courses. Teachers can use this information, to optimize their active learning support strategies, especially by optimizing the timing and target group in online communication.

The active learning support method enhanced with the activity reporting is deployed in several lectures at the Vienna University of Technology with excellent feedback from teachers and students, showing an increase in effectiveness and efficiency of the learning and teaching process.

The tool as an addon to moodle, the implementation of the processes and the feedback of students and teachers will be presented.

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