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M. Breiling, P. Charamza, D. Frolov, L. Holko, V. Golubev, V. Khan, Z. Kostka, M. Petrov, M. Petrushina, M. Phillips, V. Popova, K. Rubinstein, U. Schwarz, E. Semakova, A. Shmakin, S. Sokratov, A. Yakovlev, M. Zoloeva et al.:
"Snow and landscape: multi-scale and multi-disciplinary aspects of snow cover";
in: "Landscape Assessment from Theory to Praxis: Applications in Planning and Design", issued by: Faculty of Forestry, Dep. of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture; ECLAS, Belgrad, 2007, 297 - 307.

English abstract:
The project focused on multi-scale and multi-disciplinary aspects of seasonal snow cover in the landscape. The snow physics parameterization takes into account snow structure for use in the Global Circulation Models (GCM). The geographic classification of snow classes is based on snow types, snow layers and crystal types. Numerical experiments with a GCM are performed. The outputs of the large-scale models are linked to regional models and compared with measured data. The correlations between snow and hydrology are studied. The economic aspects of the snow, e.g. in tourism and transport, are analyzed. Three years of working together was not enough to answer all the questions that we originally posed. We could explore the potential of a longer lasting cooperation and, with some specific steps, contributed to the exploration of the interrelations of landscape and snow in different spatial scales. Research of this kind should continue in future.

Snow, local scale to global scale analysis, economic value of snow, yukigata, GCM, winter landscape

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