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Chr. Schyr, S. Jakubek, G. Stempfer:
"A New Method of Coupling HiL-Simulation and Engine Testing Based on AUTOSAR-Compliant Control Units";
Vortrag: SAE world congress 2009, Detroit, Michigan, USA; 20.04.2009 - 23.04.2009; in: "SAE paper", (2009), Paper-Nr. 2009-01-1521, 6 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In a fast and cost-efficient powertrain development
process several optimization and validation tasks are
required at early development stages, where prototype
vehicles are not available. Especially for hybrid
powertrain concepts the development targets for fuel
consumption, vehicle performance, functional safety and
durability have to be validated on the engine test bed
before integration and testing with real vehicle
prototypes takes place. The integration of relevant
control unit functions like transmission shift or vehicle
stability as AUTOSAR software component into a
simulation system at the engine test bed allows a fast
and integrated workflow for series development.
Complementary a high-quality combustion torque
estimation and the consideration of driver behavior and
lateral vehicle dynamics improve the correlation of
simulated to real world driving maneuvers.

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