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B. Sogl, W. Thomann, J. Müller, W. Bakalski, A.L. Scholtz:
"A Multi-mode Power Amplifier for Enhanced PAE in Back-off Operation with Load Insensitive Architecture";
Talk: IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium (RAWCON 2009), San Diego (CA), USA; 01-18-2009 - 01-22-2009; in: "IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium (RAWCON 2009)", IEEE, (2009), ISBN: 978-1-4244-2699-7; 542 - 545.

English abstract:
A novel multi-mode power amplifier (PA) concept with improved efficiency over a wide range of output power is presented. It incorporates three power backoff modes with enhanced efficiency and provides a high robustness to load variations in all modes. This approach offers sufficient linearity for high crest factor signals such as WCDMA and EDGE without any predistortion requirements. The conditions for optimum operation of the PA topology, based on power combination of parallel amplifier stages with quadrature hybrids, are derived. The realization in a 0.35 μm SiGe-bipolar technology shows a peak power of 36.1 dBm with 52.5 % PAE for GSM and in back-off at 27 dBm and 19 dBm efficiencies of 37 % and 27 % for WCDMA signals, measured at 840 MHz. For EDGE operation at 29 dBm a PAE of 27 % and a 3 dB margin to the system linearity specification are achieved.

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