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D. Wiegand, S. Emrich:
"Enhancing Service Performance at Remote Destinations";
Vortrag: EFMC 2009 - European Facility Management Conference, Amsterdam (eingeladen); 16.06.2009 - 17.06.2009.

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Purpose: Results of an investigation concerning the possibility to use a combination of existing methods for optimization of work schedules and driving times for the delivery of FM-services to a widespread branch network.

Methodology/Approach: While logistics are able to optimize the routing of vehicles using algorithms, industrial business have approved methods (e.g. dynamic simulations) to optimize the scheduling of tasks. The use of one of these methods does not lead to an efficient employment of skilled labour force for facility services at remote destinations. The integration of methods from the "world" of vehicle routing and the "world" of scheduling is new - not only to Facility Management - and difficult due to the enormous enlargement of the search space.
Within the research project BUSSARD (BUSiness and Services At Remote Destinations) meta-heuristic approaches integrating the optimization of the schedules and the routing were successfully implemented and evaluated concerning their potential to enhance the efficiency of labour forces performing services at remote destinations.

Findings: Two years of research and development employing a team of FM practitioners and researchers with different scientific background such as mathematics or information sciences have shown, meta-heuristic approaches permit an improved estimation of necessary workforce during the tender action and a continuous improvement of the daily business of facility service companies.

Originality/Value of paper: This contribution outlines a new approach to Facility Service problems by combining tested and accepted methods from other fields of business. It is shown that the methods and tools that were used are powerful worth being used for Enhancing Service Performance at remote destinations in the area of FM.

hybrid dynamic simulation, routing, scheduling, meta-heuristics, improved facility services

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