S. Filipp, J. Klepp, C. Plonka-Spehr, U. Schmidt, P. Geltenbort, Y. Hasegawa, H. Rauch:
"Characterization of a new ultra-cold neutron storage setup for arbitrary 3D-spin control";
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 598 (2009), S. 571 - 577.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Neutrons are particularly useful to study the evolution of a genuine spin -1/2 quantum system and its interaction with the environment. We report on the characteristics of a newly designed apparatus for storing ultra-cold neutrons (UCN) and manipulating their spin by means of a 3D Helmholtz-coil arrangement. In particular, using UCN requires homogeneous and stable magnetic fields across the storage volume in order to maintain a spin-superposition state for a sufficiently long time. Experimental results on the successful manipulation of the neutrons spin by means of Rabi oscillations and Ramsey interference fringe with a newly designed apparatus are presented. Coherence times exceeding 500 ms make the apparatus suitable for further measurements on (de-)coherence and geometric phases.

Neutron optics; Ultra-cold neutrons; Polarimetry

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