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W. Husinsky, S. Bashir, M. Rafique, A. Ajami:
"Laser Analytical Probing of Ultra-Short-Laser-Matter Interaction: Ejected Particles And Surface Topography";
4th International Conference on Laser Probing-LAP2008, AIP Conference Proceedings, 1104 (2009), 79 - 89.

English abstract:
Ultra fast laser interaction with surfaces results in fast electronic and thermal ablation
processes. The way, how the energy is deposited, determines to a large extent, how efficiently
the different processes contribute to laser-matter interaction. It will be shown, how laser
analytical techniques can help to identify the time behavior of the energy deposition, the
composition and energy of the emitted particles. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) allows
determining the surface topography after different stages of ultra-short laser-matter interaction.
Both techniques combined can yield substantial information for better understanding the physics
involved. The appearance of so-called nano-hillocks on the surface can be regarded as a typical
topographic feature associated with fast electronic processes (correlated with the existence of hot
electrons), in particular, demonstrating the efficient localization of energy in small volumes.

Ultra-short lasers, ablation. Laser-matter interaction, AFM, ballistic electrons

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