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G. Ianni, T. Krennwallner, A. Martello, A. Polleres:
"A Rule System for Querying Persistent RDFS Data";
Vortrag: 6th European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2009), Heraklion, Griechenland; 31.05.2009 - 04.06.2009; in: "6th European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2009)", L. Arroyo, P. Traverso, F. Ciravegna, P. Cimiano, T. Heath, E. Hyvönen, R. Mizoguchi, E. Oren, M. Sabou, E. Simperl (Hrg.); Springer, 5554 (2009), ISSN: 0302-9743; S. 857 - 862.

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We present GiaBATA, a system for storing, aggregating, and querying Semantic Web data, based on declarative logic programming technology, namely on the DLVHEX system, which allows us to implement a fully SPARQL compliant semantics, and on DLVDB, which extends the DLV system with persistent storage capabilities. Compared with off-the-shelf RDF stores and SPARQL engines, we offer more flexible support for rule-based RDFS and other higher entailment regimes by enabling custom reasoning via rules, and the possibility to choose the reference ontology on a per query basis. Due to the declarative approach, GiaBATA gains the possibility to apply well-known logic-level optimization features of logic programming (LP) and deductive database systems. Moreover, our architecture allows for extensions of SPARQL by non-standard features such as aggregates, custom built-ins, or arbitrary rulesets. With the resulting system we provide a flexible toolbox that embeds Semantic Web data and ontologies in a fully declarative LP environment.

Rule Languages, RDF, RDFS, Ontology

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