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C. Angerer, R. Langwieser:
"Flexible Evaluation of RFID System Parameters using Rapid Prototyping";
Talk: 2009 IEEE International Conference on RFID, Orlando, USA; 04-27-2009 - 04-28-2009; in: "2009 IEEE International Conference on RFID", IEEE Catlaog Number: CFP09RFI (2009), ISBN: 978-1-4244-3338-4.

English abstract:
Today's RFID systems are dependent on a wide range of different
parameters, that influence the overall performance. Such system
parameters can for example be the selected data rate, encoding
scheme, modulation setting, transmit power or different hardware
configurations, like one or two antenna scenarios. Furthermore, it
is often desired to optimise several performance goals, like
read-out range, read-out quality, throughput, etc., which are often
contradicting each other. In order to achieve a desired performance
of an RFID system, it is essential to understand the influences of
the individual parameters of interest and their interconnection. Due
to the multitude, wide range and interdependencies of influencing
factors, this however is a complex task. Simulations offer insights
in these relations but rely on the correct modeling of the
dependencies of- and between the parameters. With our established
prototyping system for RFID, we are able to flexibly and accurately
explore the influence and interconnection of such parameters in a
wide range on a basis of real-time measurements. Results on the
evaluation of read-out quality depending on the transmit power and
the data rate are presented.

RFID, performance evaluation, backscatter link frequency, data rate, parameter exploration, packet error ratio, rapid prototyping, testing, transmit power, reader

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