Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

A. Islami, A. Mahdavi, K. Orehounig:
"Energy and comfort implications of thermal insulation retrofit measures concerning single detached houses in Kosovo";
Talk: 4th International Building Physics Conference, Istanbul; 2009-06-15 - 2009-06-18; in: "Energy Efficiency and New Approaches", N. Bayazit, G. Manioglu, G.K. Oral, Z. Yilmaz (ed.); Eigenverlag, (2009), ISBN: 9789755613505; 537 - 541.

English abstract:
This paoper focuses on thermal behavior of recently constructed non-insulated single detached family units in the region of Kosovo and the potential for improving their energy and comfort performance. Methodologically, a simulation-based approach was selected to conduct the study. Multiple simulations were conducted using a sample of three single detached houses. Thereby, the effect of thermal retrofitting measures on the energy performacne of (and thermal comfort conditions in) was explored).

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