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A. Soto Lopez, J. Santamaría, I. Krug, L. Forcano Gamazo, K. Gunnard, E. Kalapanidas, D. Konstantas, T. Ganchev, O. Kocsis, T. Lam, T. Raguin, C. Breiteneder, H. Kaufmann, C. Davarakis, F. Fernandez Aranda, S. Jiménez-Murcia:
"A Review of Serious Games as Psychological Support in Health";
Poster: 13th International Conference on Information Visualisation, Barcelona, Spain; 2009-07.

English abstract:
Videogames are a special form of new technologies. Initially they have been conceived for entertainment; however, during the last years, a new wave of games targeted to more serious purposes, have been developed and successfully implemented, as a psychotherapeutical complement in the treatment of various medical illnesses and mental disorders.

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