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D. Wiegand, M. Sreckovic:
"Development of Managed Real Estate - International Case Studies on Principles and Success Factors";
Vortrag: ERES 2009 - European Real Estate Society Conference, Stockholm (eingeladen); 24.06.2009 - 27.06.2009.

Kurzfassung englisch:
New types of large mixed-use developments of properties run by specialist operating
companies prove in many western European countries their potential to attract purchase
power, create jobs and income for the local population beside other desired positive external
effects. Research on of twenty-five successful developments of managed real estate with new
types of mixed-use also defined as managed facilities between Barcelona and Berlin clearly
highlight the principals, processes and success factors involved as well as the risks which
need to be considered - representing a first step towards understanding and managing real
estate development as an open dynamic system and hopefully towards more and new types of
these desired developments. The project was funded by Deutsches Seminar für Städtebau und
Wirtschaft (DSSW) in Berlin.

Managed Real Estate, managed Facilities, success factors, risks, risk management, system thinking

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