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M. Ibrahim, M. Rupp, S. E.-D. Habib:
"Compiler-Based Optimizations Impact on Embedded Software Power Consumption";
Poster: Joint IEEE Conference NEWCAS-TRAISA, Toulouse, France; 06-28-2009 - 07-01-2009; in: "Proceedings of the Joint IEEE Conference NEWCAS-TRAISA", (2009).

English abstract:
Compilers traditionally are not exposed to the energy details of the processor. In this paper, we present a quantitative study wherein we examine the influence of the global performance optimizations -o0 to -o3, of the code composer studio C/C++ compiler, on the energy and power consumption. The results show that the most aggressive performance optimization option -o3 reduce the execution time, on average, by, 95% while it increases the power consumption by 25%. Moreover, we inspect the optimizations effect on some other execution characteristics, such as the memory references and the data cache miss rate. The results show that the memory references decreases by 94%, while the IPC increases by 250% and consequently lead to the consumed power increase.

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