S. Baumann, M. Bendová, H. Fric, M. Puchberger, C. Visinescu, U. Schubert:
"Ketoximate Derivatives of Titanium Alkoxides and Partial Hydrolysis Products Thereof";
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 22 (2009), S. 3333 - 3340.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Crystalline oximate derivatives of titanium alkoxides [Ti(OR)2(ON=CR'R")2]2 were obtained when Ti(OR)4 (R = iPr, Et) was treated with various oximes (cyclopentanone oxime, cyclohexanone oxime, acetoxime, ethyl methyl ketoxime or 2,4-pentandione dioxime). Formation of bis-substituted derivatives was favored in each case, and only one mono-substituted derivative, [Ti(OiPr)3(ON=C6H10)]2, was isolated. Two isomers were observed for [Ti(OR)2(ON=CR'R")2]2, differing by the mutual orientation of the oximate ligands. The NO groups of the oximate ligands are side-on coordinated to one titanium atom in each case. Three partially hydrolyzed derivatives, viz. Ti6O6(OiPr)6(ON=CR2)6 (CR2 = CMe2 or C5H8) and Ti4O2(OiPr)8(ON=CMe-CH2-CMe=NO)2 were also structurally characterized. In these derivatives the NO groups bridge two titanium atoms.

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