Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

A. Mahdavi, M. Schuss, G. Suter, A.S. Metzger, S. Camara, S. Dervishi:
"Recent advances in simulation-powered building systems control";
Talk: Building Simulation 2009, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow; 2009-07-27 - 2009-07-30; in: "Building Simulation 2009", L.B. McElroy, J.S. Turley (ed.); (2009), 7 pages.

English abstract:
In a simulation-powered building systems control
approach, presently available control options are
virtually projected onto a future time step via
numeric simulation. Subsequently, the respective
(performance-relevant) consequences are predicted,
compared, and ranked, thus providing the basis for
optimal control actions. A proof of concept for this
approach has been presented in previous research. To
realize the approach in a more realistic (multidomain)
control context, a series of preliminary
experiments have been designed and performed in a
recently established building automation test bed for
simulation-powered systems control.
The paper describes the architecture and elements of
the test bed as well as the design and results of the
experiments. Experiences thus far suggest the
feasibility and scalability of the simulation-powered
control approach in a realistic setting as applied to
multiple building systems for heating, ventilation,
lighting, and shading.

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