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M. Wimmer, M. Seidl:
"On Using UML Profiles in ATL Transformations";
Vortrag: 1st International Workshop on Model Transformation with ATL, Nantes, Frankreich; 08.07.2009 - 09.07.2009; in: "1st International Workshop on Model Transformation with ATL", (2009), 6 S.

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For defining modeling languages, metamodels and UML profiles are the proposed options. While metamodels are supported by several dedicated model transformation approaches, currently no transformation language exists which support UML profiles as first class language definitions. Instead, the usage of UML profiles in transformations is implicit by using calls to external UML APIs. In this paper, we first discuss the state-of-the-art of using UML profiles in ATL. Subsequently, three approaches for supporting profiles as first class language definitions within ATL transformations are introduced and discussed. In particular, these approaches aim at using stereotypes and tagged values within declarative rules without using external API calls. The benefits are: first, the enhanced static checking of ATL transformations, second, the more explicit representation of transformations logic enhances the application of higher-order transformations, and third, enhanced tool support such as code completion may be provided.

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TROPIC: Modelltransformations-Framework basierend auf Petri-Netzen

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