J. Verbeeck, P. Schattschneider, A. Rosenauer:
"Image simulation of high resolution energy filtered TEM images";
Ultramicroscopy, 109 (2009), S. 350 - 360.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Inelastic image simulation software is presented, implementing the double channeling approximation which takes into account the combination of multiple elastic and single inelastic scattering in a crystal. The approach is described with a density matrix formalism. Two applications in high resolution energy filtered (EFTEM) transmission electron microscopy (TEM) images are presented: thickness-defocus maps for SrTiO3 and exit plane intensities for an (LaAlO3)3(SrTiO3)3 multilayer system. Both systems show a severe breakdown in direct interpretability which becomes worse for higher acceleration voltages, thicker samples and lower excitation edge energies. Since this effect already occurs in the exit plane intensity, it is a fundamental limit and image simulations in EFTEM are indispensable just as they are indispensable for elastic high resolution TEM images.

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