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E. Bauer, R. T. Khan, H. Michor, E. Royanian, A. Grytsiv, N. Melnychenko-Koblyuk, P. Rogl, D. Reith, R. Podloucky, E.-W. Scheidt, W. Wolf, M. Marsman:
"BaPtSi3: A noncentrosymmetric BCS-like superconductor";
Physical Review B, 80 (2009), 064504-1 - 064504-7.

English abstract:
By investigations of phase relations in the alloy system Ba-Pt-Si at 900 C we observe the formation of the compound BaPtSi3, which crystallizes in the noncentrosymmetric BaNiSn3 structure type. Its space group is I4mm with the tetragonal lattice parameters a=0.44094(2)nm and c=1.0013(2)nm for the arc-melted compound annealed at 900 C. The characterization of the physical properties of BaPtSi3 reveals a superconducting transition at 2.25 K with an upper critical field at T=0 K of [approximate]0.05 T. For analyzing the electronic structure, density-functional theory calculations are performed yielding very good agreement between theory and experiment for the structural properties. From relativistic electronic-structure calculations, Fermi surface nesting features are found for two characteristic double sets of bands. The spin-orbit splitting of the relativistic electronic bands is in general rather small at Fermi energy and, therefore, superconductivity adheres to an almost undisturbed BCS state.

annealing, band structure, barium alloys, density functional theory, Fermi surface, heavy fermion superconductors, lattice constants, platinum alloys, silicon alloys, space groups, superconducting critical field, superconducting transitions

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