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M. Kulich, P. Kovàc, M. Eisterer, I. Husek, T. Melisek, H. W. Weber, W. Häßler:
"Effect of C and SiC additions into in situ or mechanically alloyed MgB2 deformed in Ti sheath";
Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications, 469 (2009), 827 - 831.

English abstract:
Effect of 3.4 wt.% C and 5 wt.% SiC doping into the standard in situ (IN) process and mechanically alloyed (MA) MgB2 was studied. Powders of IN and MA process were carried out in air and in argon filled glove box, respectively. Wire samples were prepared by two-axial rolling deformation of IN and MA powders inside the Ti tube. Titanium as sheath material allows to use higher sintering temperatures, we used 700C and 800C for 30 min in Argon. Critical current densities (Jc) were measured at variable temperatures 4.2 K, 10 K, 15 K and 20 K in the external magnetic fields ranging to 15 T. Critical temperatures, upper critical fields and irreversibility fields of IN and MA with SiC and C additions are compared and discussed. The highest transport properties were observed for wires with MA SiC doped MgB2 in the whole scale of temperatures 4.2-20 K. Upper critical field was rapidly enhanced in the case of carbon doped MA samples at 4.2 K. MA samples have shown decreased Jc values for higher temperatures (15 K, 20 K), in some case even worse than for the not doped reference IN sample. Carbon substitution and grain connectivity of analyzed samples are compared and discussed. Presented results show that for 20 K applications some new ways (additions) have to be found for increasing the Jc substantially.

MgB2; Additions; Critical current; Critical temperatures; Upper critical field; Irreversibility field

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