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G. Coluccia, E. Riegler, C. Mecklenbräuker, G. Taricco:
"Optimum MIMO-OFDM Detection with Pilot-Aided Channel State Information";
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, 3 (2009), 6; 1053 - 1065.

English abstract:
An optimum receiver for MIMO-OFDM communication systems accounting for realistic channel estimation is proposed. The receiver is assumed to comply with the emerging IEEE 802.11n standard and its performance is compared against that of a genie receiver (corresponding to ideal channel estimation) and a mismatched receiver (using estimated channel state information in the ideal channel metric). Receiver complexity is addressed in two steps. First, by developing an iterative expression of the receiver metric. Second, by implementing a spectral approximation, which allows a dramatic reduction of the receiver complexity with unnoticeable degradation. Since the optimum receiver is based on
the availability of channel distribution information, it is shown by numerical results that its estimation has a marginal effect on the error performance and does not represent an issue for the receiver implementation.

MIMO communications, performance evaluation, MIMO-OFDM, IEEE 802.11n

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