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M. Hohlrieder, K. Cicha, J. Stampfl, A. Teuschl, H. Redl:
"Bioreactor for the biaxial mechanical stimulation of silk based cruciate ligament grafts";
Poster: 22nd European Conference on Biomaterials, Lausanne, Schweiz; 09-07-2009 - 09-11-2009.

English abstract:
Because of the lack of satisfying clinical options to reconstruct the anterior cruciate ligament we believe that future replacement strategies will rely on tissue engineering approaches. To better simulate some of the complex physiological conditions and in vivo environments for in vitro tissue engineering modern bioreactors are an essential feature. Mechanical and biochemical environment control is essential to tissue function. Thus we developed a high capacity bioreactor to investigate cell-seeded three dimensional scaffolds for tissue engineered anterior cruciate ligament grafts.

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Project Head Jürgen Stampfl:
Tissue engineering für den regenerativen Kreuzbandersatz

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