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J. Güttinger, C Stampfer, F. Libisch, T. Frey, J. Burgdörfer, T. Ihn, K. Ensslin:
"Electron-Hole Crossover in Graphene Quantum Dots";
Physical Review Letters, 103 (2009), 046810 - 046813.

English abstract:
We investigate the addition spectrum of a graphene quantum-dot in the vicinity of the electron-hole crossover as a function of perpendicular magnetic field. Coulomb-blockade resonances of the 50 nm wide dot are visible at all gate voltages across the transport gap ranging from hole to electron transport. The magnetic field dependence of more than 50 states displays the unique complex evolution of the diamagnetic spectrum of a graphene dot from the low-field regime to the Landau regime with the n=0 Landau level situated in the center of the transport gap marking the electron-hole crossover. The average peak spacing in the energy region around the crossover decreases with increasing magnetic field. In the vicinity of the charge neutrality point we observe a well resolved and rich excited state spectrum.

graphene, quantum dots, Dirac billiards

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