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A. Mahdavi, K. Orehounig, C. Pröglhöf, S. Dervishi:
"A new approach to passive cooling via natural ventilation";
Talk: Healthy Buildings 2009, Syracuse, USA; 2009-09-13 - 2009-09-17; in: "Healthy Buildings 2009", E.A. Bogucz et al. (ed.); Eigenverlag, - (2009), Paper ID 37, 4 pages.

English abstract:
This paper presents a simulation-based control method toward the operation of natural
ventilation devices in buildings. This method involves the comparison and ranking of the
simulated (future) consequences of alternative (present) control actions. A computational
emulation of this novel control strategy is illustrated using two reference objects. Thereby, a
thermal simulation application is incorporated as an integral component of the buildings
control system.

Building controls, natural ventilation, simulation

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