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B. Krasniqi, M. Wrulich, C. Mecklenbräuker:
"Network-Load Dependent Partial Frequency Reuse for LTE";
Talk: 8th COST2100 Management Committee Meeting, Valencia, Spain; 05-18-2009 - 05-19-2009; in: "Proc. 8th COST2100 Management Committee Meeting", (2009), 6 pages.

English abstract:
Inter-cell Interference (ICI) is a key issue in Orthogonal
Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) systems.
Since OFDMA was proposed to be used in next generation
networks several schemes have been investigated for mitigating
the ICI. One of the techniques that promises improvement
in reducing ICI is Partial Frequency Reuse (PFR). In this
paper we investigate a Flexible Bandwidth Allocation (FBA)
scheme for PFR depending on the network-load, which allocates
bandwidth dynamically in the network. The scheme is based
on the assumption that a cell is not loaded homogeneously. We
develop a suitable network description to obtain the optimum
PFR zone partitioning as a function of the dynamic bandwidth
allocation. Thus, our paper presents a general framework for
intelligent frequency planning in wireless networks. Compared
to simpler PFR schemes, our simulation results show that the
cell capacity can be increased by 5 b/s/Hz when our scheme is
used by exploiting the inhomogeneities in the load.


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