Publications in Scientific Journals:

M. Traxler, A. Puchhammer, H. Störi, T. Müller, J. Laimer:
"Dynamics of Pulsed DC Discharges Used for PACVD of a-C:H:Si";
ECS Transactions, 25 (2009), 953 - 956.

English abstract:
Although a-C:H:Si is insulating, high quality a-C:H:Si coatings
can be deposited by pulsed DC PACVD at moderate temperatures.
In order to understand these results the discharge was investigated
by different methods with microsecond resolution. It turned out
that for a proper selection of the operation parameters the
discharge conditions, as expressed in discharge current, total
plasma light emission and discharge distribution, remain constant
during most of the voltage pulse and also during an entire
deposition run, thus enabling the afore mentioned good properties
of a-C:H:Si coatings.

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