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M. Florian, K. Schmitz, W. Sihn:
"Concept for an adaptable operative transport planning in the automotive industry";
Vortrag: MITIP 2009 - 11th International Conference on the Modern Information Technology in the Innovation Processes of the Industrial Enterprises, Bergamo - Milan; 15.10.2009 - 16.10.2009; in: "Proceedings - 11th International Conference on the MITIP", M. Macchi, R. Pinto (Hrg.); (2009), S. 493 - 499.

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Volatility represents a big challenge for logistics in the automotive industry as it becomes harder for the transport planning to bring the demands efficiently to the automobile manufacturer. The reason for volatility results from casual incoming orders on one side, and the middle- and long-term changes, which appear from volatilities in production or demand, on the other side. The concept of an adaptive short-termed transport planning focuses on an optimization of transports on the actual situation despite of volatility. Through this it will be possible to counteract an insufficient workload in a combination with sluggishness of the transport planning.

Logistics, automotive, transportation planning, inbound, adaptability

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