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M. Brandsteidl, M. Seidl, G. Kappel:
"Teaching Models@BIG: On Efficiently Assessing Modeling Concepts";
Vortrag: Educators' Symposium @ Models 2009, Denver, USA; 06.10.2009; in: "Educators' Symposium @ Models 2009", (2009), 8 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Approximately 1000 students of computer science and business
informatics attend the course Introduction to Object-
Oriented Modeling (OOM) offered by the Business Informatics
Group (BIG) of the Vienna University of Technology
each year in order to learn the basic concepts of the Unified
Modeling Language (UML) and to obtain a certificate.
For finishing the course successfully, the students must pass
three small tests where they have to prove their theoretical
knowledge about UML concepts as well as their ability to
apply this knowledge in practical exercises. In this paper we
report our experiences in assessing the modeling knowledge
of our students and we reveal how we design the tests.

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