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D. Schäfer, J. Hell, C. Eisenmenger-Sittner, E. Neubauer, H. Hutter, N. Kornfeind:
"Suppression of de-wetting of copper coatings on carbon substrates by metal (Cr, Mo, Ti) doped boron interlayers";
Vacuum, 84 (2009), 202 - 204.

English abstract:
Boron coatings doped with Cr, Ti or Mo were deposited on plane substrates of vitreous carbon ("Sigradur G") by magnetron sputtering from a composite target. The amount of included metal was determined by Auger electron spectroscopy and found to be in the range of 1-4 at%. The metal content relative to boron was chosen to be in the range of 3 at% for all interlayers. Onto these interlayers a Cu film of 300 nm thickness was deposited by magnetron sputtering. After that the Cu coated samples were subjected to heat treatment of 800 C for 30 min.

The heat treated samples were investigated by scanning electron microscopy and time of flight secondary ion mass spectroscopy (TOF-SIMS). Different intensities of de-wetting of the Cu coatings could be observed. It was possible to quantify the de-wetting process by determining the area density of holes formed within the Cu coating after thermal treatment. Interlayers which lead to the lowest hole density will be considered as candidate materials for optimizing the thermal properties of the Cu/C interface in subsequent experiments.

Wetting; De-wetting; Copper-carbon system; Metal doped boron interlayer; Sputter deposition

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