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D. Collado-Ruiz, H. Ostad Ahmad Ghorabi:
"Comparing LCA results out of competing products - Developing reference ranges from a product family approach";
Journal of Cleaner Production, 18 (2010), 4; 355 - 364.

English abstract:
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has proven useful in comparing the environmental impact of alternatives, life-cycle phases or parts in a product. To date, benchmarking a new product with previous environmental information entails a degree of subjectivity. This paper presents LCP-families, a concept to develop reference ranges for environmental impact of a new product. A new product can be catalogued as environmentally better or worse than a percentage of its competitors, depending on what position it occupies in its LCP-family. Three case studies of packaging products are carried out to show the applicability and usefulness of the concepts presented.

Benchmarking, Innovation, Ecodesign, Functional Unit, Life Cycle

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