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D. Matthes, R.J. McCann, G. Savaré:
"A family of fourth order equations of gradient flow type";
Communications in Partial Differential Equations, 34 (2009), 11; 1352 - 1397.

English abstract:
Global existence and long-time behavior of solutions to a family of nonlinear fourth order evolution equations on Rd are studied. These equations constitute gradient flows for the perturbed information functionals F[u] = \int |\grad u^\alpha|^2 + |x|^2 u dx with respect to the L2-Wasserstein metric. The value of \alpha ranges from 1/2, corresponding to a simplified quantum drift diffusion model, to 1, corresponding to a thin film type equation.

German abstract:
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Entropy method; Fourth-order equations; Gradient flow; Nonlinear parabolic equations; Wasserstein distance

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