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K. Wieland:
"Advanced Conflict Resolution Support for Model Versioning Systems";
in: "Proceedings of the Doctoral Symposium at MODELS 2009", School of Computing, Queen's University, 2009, Paper-Nr. 4, 6 S.

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Collaborative software development is nowadays inconceivable
without optimistic version control systems (VCSs). Without such
systems the parallel modi cation of one artifact by multiple users is impracticable.
VCSs have proved successfully in the versioning of code, but
they are only conditionally appropriate to the management of model
versions. Hence, much research e ort is currently spent in the development of dedicated model versioning systems. Whereas those approaches mainly focus on an accurate detection of conflicts which may occur when two versions of one model are merged, the actual conflict resolution is hardly considered. Conflict resolution constitutes the phase in the merge process which involves the most human interaction and in which very little automatic support is provided by the current versioning systems.
In this proposal, we present research objectives as roadmap towards enhanced user support in conflict resolution for model versioning systems.

model versioning, conflict resolution, model merging

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AMOR: Adaptable Model Versioning

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