Publications in Scientific Journals:

K. Igenbergs, J. Schweinzer, F. Aumayr:
"Charge exchange in Be4+-H(n = 1, 2) collisions studied systematically by atomic-orbital close-coupling calculations";
Journal of Physics B: Atomic , Molecular and Optical Physics, 42 (2009), 2352061 - 2352068.

English abstract:
Charge exchange in Be4+-H(n = 1, 2) collisions was studied using the atomic-orbital
close-coupling formalism in its impact parameter description and applying electron
translational factors. Calculations were carried out in the energy range of 1-750 keV amuÅ|1
with fully stripped beryllium ions impacting on atomic hydrogen in its ground state (1s) and in
the excited n = 2 states. An optimized description of both collision centres was determined by
analysing the convergence of the total cross sections and also by comparison with other
theoretical approaches. This optimized description consists of up to 170 basis states involving
hydrogen-like states and pseudostates. We present total, n-resolved as well as n!-resolved
cross sections. The latter are needed to evaluate the emission cross sections in two limiting
collisional plasma environments, i.e. single-collisional and multi-collisional. The calculated
emission cross sections are compared with experimental data from the fusion experiment JET.
Taking the experimental environment and certain characteristics of the theoretical methods
into account, the agreement can be considered to be quite good.

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