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D. Adam:
"Compaction and Control of Earth Fill & Rock Fill Dams. Proceedings";
Talk: 2nd International Conference on Long Term Behaviour of Dams (LTBD09), Graz (invited); 2009-10-12 - 2009-10-13; in: "Long Term Behaviour of Dams", Long Term Behavious of Dams/TU Graz, 1, Graz (2009), ISBN: 978-3-85125-070-1.

English abstract:
Compaction technologies for earth fill and rock fill dams comprising rollers equipped with different kinds of exciters are presented. Compaction of soil, fill material, etc. normally takes place by vibratory rollers, whereby the vibration of the drum is caused by a rotating mass eccentric. Recently, dynamic rollers with different types of excitation were developed. The paper is focused on the oscillatory roller, the VARIO roller, and the automatically controlled VARIO CONTROL roller. Furthermore, roller-integrated compaction control methods in order to check continuously the compaction success during compaction are discussed. Investigations have revealed that different operating conditions of dynamic rollers influence the compaction success and values of the roller-integrated compaction controls. Moreover, the dynamic load plate can be perfectly used to calibrate relative compaction values of continuous compaction control.

Compaction; Earth dams; Rock fill dams; Continuous Compaction Control

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