A. Pietrus, V.M. Veliov:
"On the Discretization of Switched Linear Systems";
Systems & Control Letters, 58 (2009), S. 395 - 399.

Kurzfassung englisch:
A bilinear single-control system which can be viewed as a control formulation of a linear switched system is considered. The control is restricted to take values either (i) in f0; 1g (switched system), or (ii) in [0; 1] (relaxed system). In more practical considerations the control is often allowed to change only at the points of a given
time-net with a step length h. The paper investigates what is the approximation error in terms of the reachable set in the two cases (i) and (ii). The error estimates that follow directly from known results are of order ph and h, respectively. In the present paper estimations of order h and h1:5 are proved in a constructive way. The
second one makes use of the e®ect of non-accumulation of errors established earlier by the second author.

switched control systems, bilinear control systems, discrete approximations, relaxation

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