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N. Musliu, W. Schafhauser, M. Widl:
"A Memetic Algorithm for a Break Scheduling Problem";
Talk: VIII Metaheuristic International Conference, Hamburg, Deutschland; 2009-07-13 - 2009-07-16; in: "Cd Mic 2009", (2009), 10 pages.

English abstract:
In this paper we regard a break scheduling problem originating in the area of supervision personnel. This complex task requires the assignment of several breaks per shift, satisfying various constraints reflecting labour rules, staffing requirements and ergonomic criteria. To solve this problem we propose a memetic algorithm combining a genetic algorithm and a local search procedure. We evaluate the presented memetic algorithm on publicly available benchmark instances and compare the obtained results to an existing min-conflicts based algorithm. The memetic algorithm is able to return competitive results and for half of the regarded instances it
computes solutions of improved quality.

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