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N. Musliu, A. Beer, J. Gärtner, W. Schafhauser, W. Slany:
"Local Search for Shift and Break Scheduling";
Talk: 23rd European Conference on Operational Research, Bonn, Deutschland; 2009-07-05 - 2009-07-08; in: "23rd EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON OPERATIONAL RESEARCH, BOOK OF ABSTRACTS", (2009), 102.

English abstract:
In this paper we address a workforce scheduling problem in which
we have to design a shift plan, containing a great number of breaks,
satisfying several criteria, e.g. staffing demand, labour rules and ergonomic requirements. While most of previous research follows a
two-phase approach, meaning that a shift plan is designed first and
breaks are inserted afterwards, we model the entire problem and
optimize it with a local-search-based solver. We present the application of our approach on real-life instances.

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