Contributions to Proceedings:

B. Cheng, H. Giese, P. Inverardi, S. Dustdar et al.:
"08031 Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems: A Research Road Map";
in: "Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems", B. Cheng, R. de Lemos, H. Giese, P. Inverardi, J. Magee (ed.); Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz-Zentrum fuer Informatik, Germany, 2008, (invited), ISSN: 1862-4405, 1 - 13.

English abstract:
Software's ability to adapt at run-time to changing user
needs, system intrusions or faults, changing operational en-
vironment, and resource variability has been proposed as
a means to cope with the complexity of today's software-
intensive systems. Such self-adaptive systems can conŻg-
ure and reconŻgure themselves, augment their functionality,
continually optimize themselves, protect themselves, and re-
cover themselves, while keeping most of their complexity
hidden from the user and administrator. In this paper, we
present research road map for software engineering of self-
adaptive systems focusing on four views, which we identify
as essential: requirements, modelling, engineering, and as-

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