Contributions to Proceedings:

L. Weilguny, D. Gerhard:
"Feature Technology For The Automotive Industry- A Knowledge Based Engineering Solution On The Basis Of Userdefined Festures In Pro/Engineer";
in: "Nantes, France 22-24 October 2008", Proceedings of DET2008 5th International Conference on Digital Enterprise Technology, 2008, ISBN: 9782748345988, 8 pages.

English abstract:
Feature Technology (FT) enables manufacturing elements to carry both geometrical and technological information. Thus such product and process features can improve the Product Development Process (PDP) by integrating manufacturing information from the very beginning, avoiding redundant data storage and supporting the reuse of existing manufacturing knowledge. The substantial prerequisite for an optimal flow of information along the PDP is the distinct definition of the semantic of the product and process features. Only if all partners involved really do refer to the very same feature, breaks in methods between product design, process planning and production can be eliminated. Exemplified by bores, this article provides objective evidence how FT actually is implemented in the existing multi-system environment of a German automotive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Embedded in an advanced knowledge-based engineering concept, FT expedites the PDP of the OEM´s combustion engines by increasing process planning celerity and reliability.

Feature Technology, CAD, CAPP, CAM, Design for Manufacturing, PLM

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