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J.S. Kim, D. Gracanin, K. Matkovic, F. Quek:
"iPhone/iPod Touch as Input Devices for Navigation in Immersive Virtual Environments";
Poster: IEEE Virtual Reality, Lafayette, Louisiana, USA; 14.03.2009 - 18.03.2009; in: "Proceedings of IEEE VR 2009", A. Steed, D. Reiners, R.W. Lindeman (Hrg.); (2009), ISBN: 978-1-4244-3943-0; S. 261 - 262.

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iPhone and iPod Touch are multi-touch handheld devices that provide new possibilities for interaction techniques. We describe iPhone/iPod Touch implementation of a navigation interaction technique originally developed for a larger multi-touch device (i.e. Lemur). The interaction technique implemented on an iPhone/iPod Touch was used for navigation tasks in a CAVE virtual environment. We performed a pilot study to measure the control accuracy and to observe how human subjects respond to the interaction technique on the iPhone and iPod Touch devices. We used the preliminary results to improve the design of the interaction technique.

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