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G. Rogl, A. Grytsiv, E. Bauer, P. Rogl, M. Zehetbauer:
"Thermoelectric properties of novel skutterudites with didymium: DDy(Fe1-xCox)4Sb12 and DDy(Fe1-xNix)4Sb12";
Intermetallics, 18 (2010), 1; 57 - 64.

English abstract:
(DD), a mixture of Pr and Nd, was used as a new filler in ternary skutterudites (Fe1 xCox)4Sb12 and (Fe1 xNix)4Sb12. DD-filling levels have been determined from combined data of X-ray powder diffraction and electron microprobe analyses (EMPA). Thermoelectric properties have been characterized by measurements of electrical resistivity, thermopower and thermal conductivity in the temperature range from 4.3 to 800 K. The effect of nanostructuring in DD0.4Fe2Co2Sb12 was elucidated from a comparison of both micro-powder (ground in a WC-mortar, w10 mm) and nano-powder (ball-milled, w150 nm), both hot pressed under identical conditions. The figure of merit ZT depends on the Fe/Co and Ni/Co-contents, respectively, reaching ZT > 1. At low temperatures the nanostructured material exhibits a higher thermoelectric figure of merit. The Vickers hardness was measured for all samples being higher for the nanostructured material.

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