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L. Zhang, A. Grytsiv, P. Rogl, E. Bauer, M. Zehetbauer:
"High thermoelectric performance of triple-filled n-type skutterudites (Sr,Ba,Yb)yCo4Sb12";
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 42 (2009), 225405-1 - 225405-9.

English abstract:
The influences of single, double and triple filling of Yb, Ba and Sr in CoSb3 on thermoelectric performance were evaluated. A significant suppression of lattice thermal conductivity κl is achieved by the increase in the number of filler elements. The highest power factor appears in triple-filled (Ba0.1Yb0.1)0.25(Sr0.1Yb0.1)0.75Co4Sb12, whereas single-filled Ba0.23Co4Sb12 has higher S2/ρ than double-filled (Ba,Yb)0.2Co4Sb12 forming a sequence S2/ρ(triple filling) > S2/ρ(single filling) > S2/ρ(double filling). However, the respective figures of merit follow a sequence ZT(triple filling) > ZT(double filling) > ZT(single filling) proving a strong correlation with κl that appears to be a predominant factor in the efficiency of filled skutterudites. Thus, κ and ZT increase with increasing lattice thermal resistivity (1/κl) and maximum efficiencies may be obtained for 1/κl > 0.2 cm K mW−1.

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