Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

A. Mahdavi:
"Applying High-Tech Environmental Control Strategies in a low-Tech Context: An innovative Approach to smart passive cooling in buildings";
Keynote Lecture: The 40th International Congress on Heating, Refrigaration and Air-Conditioning, Belgrad (invited); 2009-12-02 - 2009-12-04; in: "The 40th International Congress on Heating, Refrigaration and Air-Conditioning", B. Todorovic (ed.); Eigenverlag, (2009), 8 pages.

English abstract:
This paper describes a model-based control methodology that applies sensor and actuator
technologies and software to optimize the use of naturally existing cooling potential in
buildings. Toward this end, a simulation-assisted approach is introduced and virtually tested
for the operation of natural ventilation devices in buildings. Thereby, simulated (future)
consequences of alternative (present) control actions are compared and ranked, leading to the
identification of the most desirable building systems control regime.

Building systems, simulation-based controls, natural ventilation, passive cooling

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