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A. Wellings, M. Schoeberl:
"Thread-Local Scope Caching for Real-time Java";
Talk: IEEE International Symposium on Object-oriented Real-time distributed Computing (ISORC), Tokyo, Japan; 2009-03-17 - 2009-03-20; in: "12th IEEE International Symposium on Object/Component/Service-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Computing", IEEE, (2009), 275 - 282.

English abstract:
There is increasing convergence between the fields of parallel
and embedded computing. The demand for more functionality
in embedded devices means that complex multicore
architectures will be used. In order to promote scalability
and obtain predictability, on-chip processor-local private
memory subsystems will be used. Whilst at the hardware
level this is technical feasible, the more pressing problem is
how such memory is presented to the programmer and how
its local access is policed.
In this paper we illustrate how Java augmented by the
Real-time Specification for Java can be used to present the
abstraction of a thread-local scoped memory area. We show
how to enforce access to the memory area to a single realtime
thread. We implement the model on the JOP multiprocessor
system and report on our experiences.

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