Publications in Scientific Journals:

J. Laimer, A. Puchhammer, H. Störi:
"Plasma Sheath Dynamics in Dielectric Barrier-Free Atmospheric Pressure Radio-Frequency Glow Discharges";
Plasma Processes and Polymers, 6 (2009), 253 - 257.

English abstract:
The atmospheric pressure plasma jet (APPJ) makes use of a dielectric barrier-free atmospheric
pressure radio-frequency (RF) glow discharge. In its usual operation mode it produces a
uniform glow discharge, filling the gap. This alpha mode of the RF discharge is sustained
by bulk ionization by oscillating electrons, as long as the gap spacing is sufficient. At higher RF
powers the alpha sheath breaks down and the gamma mode, sustained by secondary electron
emission occurs. Present experiments test the above model by taking images with nanosecond
time resolution. The experiments clearly showed the differences in the development of the
discharge over the RF cycle in correlation with gap spacing and a or g mode, corroborating the

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